Automated Schematic Output

Developer: Nordcad Systems A/S

Software requirements: OrCAD Capture CIS

Operating system: Windows 10

Compatible software: OrCAD/Allegro version 17.4

Compatible databases: SQL, Access, CIP and more.


Advantages with this plugin:

  • Ensure the same quality of your Bill of materials
  • Ensure the same data every time
  • Save time and effort – automatically creates BOMs
  • Automation of the titleblocks in your designs


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With this plugin for OrCAD Capture you get the option to create a fixed setup of BOM and other output files, so you no longer must spend time setting up the format each time, that you want to create a BOM. Simply hit the output button and all the files including the BOM is generated. The format comes out in .pdf, .CSV and Excel, and can be used to automate the loading of BOM into your ERP or PLM system, and ensure the same quality every time.

Our plugin is delivered instantly after purchase. A standard setup is included for a SQL CIP database or setup without the use of a database. If further setup is required, you can choose to purchase consultant hour(s) for configuration of this plugin. This can also be configured for the use of an Access database.

Our plugin also makes it possible to update your titleblocks on all pages with just a single setup. The plugin can be used to automatically update titleblocks, so that it can be used with PLM systems or other version control tools. A PLM or version control system is not required to use this plugin.

License Conditions

The price of this plugin includes a one-year maintenance agreement, and will be renewed after one year for 100 EUR.