inspectAR Professional

Get rid of the old test methods, where you need to compare your board with gerber output files.

With your smartphone or an external camera you can see all components, nets and layers on your layout in visual real-time. Up to three members can work on a project together, where they can write comments directly on the board for all to see in real-time.


Output format: IPC 2581-B

Operative system: MAC, iOS, Android and Windows

Version: Desktop applikation (also available as App)

Number of users: Single user

Updates: Rolling updates


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inspectAR is an intelligent viewport addition for your laboratory, that you can access with your smartphone camera og an external camera connected to a computer. With inspectAR you get augmented reality overlays directy on top of your board, making it easy to debug and optimize your work with a board returned from the PCB manufacturer.

The price is annual