PCB Design introduction

Language: English

Program: OrCAD/Allegro PCB Editor

Version: 2019 (17.4)

Access: 100 days

Material: Training material and files for download

Workload: 8 hrs


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This course contains an introduction to all the topics relevant to a PCB Design with OrCAD / Allegro PCB solutions.

The training includes the use of nsware functionality for efficient pdf generation and post processing.


  • PCB solution user interface overview
  • Padstack design
  • Footprint design
  • Design Sync (from schematic to PCB and back)
  • Constraint manager
  • Component placement
  • Routing
  • Copper shapes/areas
  • Creating documentation
  • Creating production data

Learning objectives

After completion of the course the user

  • Know how to navigate within PCB Editor
  • Can design footprints
  • Know basic constraint setup
  • Can create a PCB using component placement, routing and copper editing
  • Can make PDF documentation and gerber data for PCB production