PSpice Plus (Advanced Analysis)

Language: English

Program: OrCAD Capture and PSpice

Version: 2019 (17.4)

Access: 100 days

Material: How-to videos

Workload: 8 hrs


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Prior to taking this course, you should be familiar with PSpice, or take the PSpice Intro course.

This course provides an in-depth coverage of PSpice and shows the advanced features you get with PSpice AA. You will learn about finding critical components in your design, stressing component, calculating yield, and the course also teaches you how to input C/C++ code and make 3D or polar plots with MATLAB.


  • Introduction
  • Reduce cost with Sensitivity
  • Increase productivity with Optimizer
  • Increase Yield with Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Custom distributions
  • Increase reliability with Smoke analysis
  • Sweep multiple parameters with Parametric analysis
  • C/C++ code simulation
  • MATLAB/Simulink with PSpice

Learning objectives

After completing the course, the user will be able to:

  • Analyze if components will work correctly (based on temperature, operating range etc.)
  • Use advanced components with uneven tolerances
  • Stress components
  • Spot which components might fail during manufacturing or test
  • Calculate yield based on your specifications
  • Sweep multiple parameters
  • Generate C/C++ code to simulate your code together with discrete components
  • Use MATLAB functions in a schematic and PSpice measurements
  • Simulate a switcing power supply design with PSpice and Simulink